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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas! I love watching the girls enjoy their gifts and all the fun they are having with Bob while he is off.

Hailee got a American Girl doll and clothes for the doll, Princess Belle dress, Princess barbies, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Heidi got a stuffed Ernie, a Little People Farm, a softy, a cool ice cream car, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Bob got a home beer making machine thingy, a knife, poker table top and poker chips. I got a new chi hair dryer (mine was smoking and sparking), Party lite stuff, a few DVD's, and a few other things. Bob and I decided this year instead of buying eachother gifts we were going to buy a new computer. A few days before Christmas we went to BestBuy and got a great deal on a great computer. We also got a gerat deal on a new printer and I got Photoshop Elements 8.

This was a great Christmas! Not because of all the great wonderful gifts but because we were all together and happy and healthy. It is so much more fun when your children get why we are celebrating this wonderful day. Hailee is starting to get it and I can't wait to see Heidi get it :o).

It is all about Jesus and our salvation. I thank God for loving us so very much that we will never understand and for giving us a Book to live by and grow by. Without that we would be pretty lost.

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