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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Holy Spirit

First I want to say I am so sorry I have been away so long... there are no excuses... just that I am lazy and I have put other things before my blog. I am sorry sweet blog... I will never leglect you again (fingers crossed). I have been trying to put pictures up, but for some reason it hasn't been working. I have pictures of Hailee's birthday still to post and pictures of our snow day we had last week :o). Good Times! So... pictures are going to be coming soon.

Back to the Holy Spirit... since last year around this holiday season I have had this tug and pull to go and take something yummy to my neighbors. We really don't know our neighdors. The truth be told a lot of them are old and don't want to have anything to do with anyone they live by. We know 2 of our neighbors across the street and they are really nice, but the 2 neighbors beside us aren't so friendly. So... finally I gave into the Holy Spirit... I made these delicious cinnamon rolls from The Pioneer Woman (and the recipe makes a lot) and I took them to the neighbors straight across from our house, the neighbor to the right of their house, the neighbor to the right of our house, and the neighbor to the right of their house. I didn't take them to the neighbor to our left. Do you want to know why? Because... they NEVER look at us, they NEVER smile at us, they NEVER say anything to us (not even hi), and our electricity went off the other night and they just got home and we were outside (wondering what was going on) and Bob said 2 things to the lady that lives there and she TOTALLY ignored him. After that I decided I was going to take them to everyone else but them.

But... I don't feel good about that decision... I have the constant tugging and pulling feeling still... I thought once I was done doing the giving of the cinnamon rolls I would be done, but I guess not. I will be making more cinnamon rolls tomorrow and going over there Saturday (when I know they will be home). If you read this can you please pray for me and the people that will be recieving to cinnamon rolls. You pray whatever your little heart desires... I just need prayer :o).

Oh really quick... let me tell you about the reaction we did get from everyone that did recieve the cinnamon rolls. So... the open the door and give me this look like... Oh No, what is she selling?... LOL! As soon as they opened the door I said I made these cinnamon rolls and wanted to bring them over to y'all and wish you a Merry Christmas. They all seemed very happy and surprised that anyone would bring them something yummy and do it for nothing. It was great and I was blessed by their reaction.

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