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Monday, November 9, 2009

Hailee is turning 5

I just cannot believe it! Hailee is turning 5 on Saturday. It is amazing how time has flown by so quickly. I love her to death and again... I can't believe she is turning 5!

Yesterday, she went on her first field trip to Dewberry farms WITHOUT ME. They didn't need anymore drivers (to drive the kids) and I couldn't chaperon because I had Heidi with me and all my attention wouldn't be on the kids (which made sense). It kind of hurt my feelings but WHATEVER! I can't let my feelings get the best of me :o).

Saturday is Hailee's real birthday and her birthday party. Isn't it just so GREAT when you are little and your birthday falls on the weekend and you can have your REAL birthday on your birthday party?!? I don't know but that is how I think of it and I loved that when I was young.

I am going to post more this weekend with pictures and birthday pictures.

One more thing... I have been saying for so long that I can't wait when Hailee starts Kindergarten! I really can't, but something about her turning 5 is just really getting to me. It actually makes tears wheal (sp?) up in my eyes when I think about her birthday and how that time has gone by so fast. But, I am so excited for the years to come... no really... I am :o).

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