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Friday, October 9, 2009

Heidi and her growing...

Today I took Heidi to the doctor for her 15 month check up. It went great! I love our doctor and how understanding he is toward how I feel about things and how he listens and is open to all things. Here is where Heidi stands in regards to the normal measurments... Her height is 29 1/2 inches long (25%), she weighed in at 18 1/2 lbs (-3%... she gained 2 lbs from her 12 month check up), and her head was 45 1/2 cm around (25-50%). She is doing well!

The only thing is she isn't walking yet. I know... I know... all babies are different. Dr. Clarke and I talked about this and he isn't concerned (not yet), but he reccommends that we go to some kind of therapy to see if she just needs some special excerises to strenghten her legs or if there is something more. He said he would rather take care of this early rather then wait. I am totally on board. Katy ISD has these programs that help kids that have special needs and it is all covered by our taxes. So, Dr. Clarke (or someone from the doctor's office) will call and refer us and then we will get a call from the Katy ISD peeps.

Heidi is just a little uneasy on her feet and not so sure about trusting herself. This is my observation and I think this will help her/push her :o).

Heidi is SUPER smart! The girl understands and gets a lot of things. She points at everything wanting to know what it is. I love it! Anyways this is what is going on with Heidi and she is doing great!


Vic said...

I think you guys have a good plan and even though parents want their kids to grow and flower, I think it's ok to bloom a little later. I'm sure she'll be zooming along in no time! Good luck with things and it's good to hear she's doing well.

Valerie Pearson said...

Way to grow Heidi!! I'm a big fan of checking things out sooner rather than later so I think it's great you are checking things out. Praying it's just a matter of little girl doing things in her own time!

skier918 said...

Praying that everything works out well! She's precious and it sounds like you're doing all the right things. Miss you guys!