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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To My Mom

I really thought I said something about my mom, but I went back and saw I didn't. Sorry Mom!

My mom came into town Thursday to stay with the girls while I was having my surgery and then to help with them and anything else when I got home. She was such a wonderful help! She had never been with them all day before, but I will have to say she did GREAT! Heidi was a little fussy and my mom just held her and she shut it :o). I know Hailee had such a great time with Grammy because she is still talking about it. Grammy helped organize Hailee's desk and got it all neat and orderly (so she knows what she has and where it all is). Hailee has been painting and coloring QUEEN!

I have also have had somethings brought to my attention while my mom was here and I will have to say it has opened my eyes to some changes that will be happening around the house :o).

I was kind of sad when she left (she left on Sunday evening) because Bob and I both were not ready for her to leave. I was (and still am) having problems getting around the house and was worried about how I was going to care for Hailee and Heidi on my own. But, God was and is in control the whole time and He is really working in this house.

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