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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I just thought maybe I should make a post on how my recovery is going.

I am doing a lot better than the first day (well of course... we would hope so :o). Each day has gotten a little better. Yesterday (Monday) I wasn't to the point where I could be home by myself, so Bob took off Monday. I still was a little nervous about being home by myself with the girls today, but Bob had to go back to work. A friend of mine, Hannah offered to watch Hailee one day and I thought that would work so great. I called Hannah and we worked out that Hailee would go with Mason to a Parent's Day Out type thing at Westwood Gymnastics and than after that go over to her house for a few hours to play. Then Hannah will bring Hailee back around 3:00. What a blessing! I don't know how I would of held up if I had another kiddo to care for. LOL! I am sure I would have survived, but it was so much easier on me :o).

This morning around 8:30 Hannah was here to get Hailee and off they went :o). Heidi has been a perfect little baby today. She hasn't cried or whinned the whole time it has been her and I. So, YAY! Heidi is napping right now and hopefully will sleep until 3:00 and then Hailee will be home. Bob is going to be getting off earlier than usual today to come home and help :o).

I am so thankful for all the wonderful friends Bob and I have and to be so loved by them all. Everyone has done something... I know a lot of people have prayed for us, brought us food, watched our kiddos and it all means the world to us. I could never put it in words... thank you!

My ankle is doing a lot better. At first it was so very painful I couldn't even walk on it. I sat on my butt for 2 days because of the pain. The third day I was able to "wooble" around with not so much pain. The forth day to now the ankle is not painful (until the end of the day or pounded on by a little one or hit by a dogs tail) it is just stitched so tight that it is hard to bend at all. My ankle is still swollen but it is trying to get back to normal.

The doctors made two footballl shaped insicions and then stretched the skin and stitched it to eachother. I can think of one person who is going to love this post (Misty :o). I would say the insicions are about 4 to 5 inches long and there are about 14+ stitches in my ankle. :o)

I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks

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Misty said...

Thanks for that :o) I'm not sure if you can drive, but I'd offer to watch Hailee tomorrow if you can get her here....I'm going to have 5!!! CRAZINESS :) what's one more? Just let me know! Hope you keep feeling better each day. When do you expect to hear the results of everything?