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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oklahoma Trip

We got back last night from our extra long weekend in Oklahoma. It was a GREAT get away! We got to my dad's house Thursday night and it was so late we didn't do much :o). Friday we tried to go swimming but it was a little to chilly. Some of Tracy (my step-moms family came over and had HUGE crab legs with us. These crab legs literally were bigger than Hailee's arm. They were ENORMOUS! After dinner we watched a movie in the new man house. LOL! Saturday we were on our way to the lake house off Tenkiller Lake. It was perfect we had our own part of the house where the kids (and us) could sleep with no disturbances. It was so great! We swam in the lake, had a good ole time on the boat, and played on the sea doos. It was so AWESOME! We didn't have to do anything (except take care of the kids). We came back from the lake on Monday and came back and swim a bit. Then it was time to come home on Tuesday. Let me tell you all... HEIDI IS THE WORST CAR RIDER EVER! The girl couldn't not whine for 30 min. (unless she was sleeping and that was very little). The trip was good and Heidi hung in there very well. Hailee had the best time! She didn't want to leave but I told her we had to get home because Grammy was going to be here soon. So that helped leaving a little easier. The trip was well needed and it was so fun!

I will post some pictures very soon. It is late right now and I should be in bed, but I knew I had to post this or who knows when it would happen. LOL!

My mom is coming in town tomorrow night and is going to stay with the girls on Friday while I have my surgery. She is going to stay until Sunday, so that will be nice. I am going okay... I am a little worried (not scared yet). I keep thinking of bad things.... but I am not going to get into them (so don't ask). I know everything will be fine. My very loving and merciful God is always with me and I know he will be there with Dr. Ross.

I am a little nervous about the whole not eating. My blood surgar gets really low when I don't eat and I can get pretty sick. I guess if you want to pray for me... could you add this to your list?

OMG... I need to go to bed. Good Night all


Vic said...

The Okie trip sounded wonderful. What's the "Man House"? Imagining something resembling "Tim the Toolman Taylor's Pad". Aaugh arrgh arrrr!

Hang in there Sterling. Getting to the day will mean that you will soon be PAST the day and it will then be behind you. At that point, it can and will only ever be a memory.

As far as that low blood sugar thing goes, the same thing happens to me and I find that eventually, my body "switches modes" and preserves itself in fasting mode and I begin to feel better.

Praying praying... Take care.

The White Family said...

Hey Sterling! You were about 30 minutes from my parents. Small world, huh? Hope everything went well today. We love you!