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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Isn't this Crazy?

Okay... so the other day I got new insurance cards from Humana and I just looked to see if anything had changed. And guess what... it showed a lower doctor co-pay, so I was thinking this is odd. I told Bob and asked him to check with the human resource girls at work to see what was going on.

As of August 1 the insurance coverage changed to the lower deductable (from $5000 to $1500). I called MD Anderson and talked to the girl I talked to at first and she said she just deals with new patients, so she told me I need to talk to Richard and that he wouldn't be back until Monday. So, I will be calling him Monday. But, isn't this amazing! We will be getting a REFUND! Well it isn't our money... but we won't owe anyone anything in return. YAY!

Can we say... GOD! Yes, I know this was all God :o). Even though I may feel far from Him sometimes (all my fault)... He is always with me... looking out for me and my family... always concerned about us (this children). Man... How Awesome is He!

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Mindy said...

YAY!!! That makes your weekend better already, huh? PTL!