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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day with the Mosher's

We always love to go play at the Mosher's house. Hailee and Hannah always play GREAT together, Heidi and Zach are at the stage now that they will play together, and I love visiting with Becky. It was a FUN day!

Heidi decided to be brave and play in witht he big kids.

Girls having FUN!

Heidi an Zach trying the head first exit.

Water time! I hade to relax here and just let the kids get wet.
Heidi wanted to get in and swim and Zach just poured water on himself.

The big girls playing Hide and Seek.

Popsicles are all new to Heidi now that she has teeth. Burrr!


Girls being girls

Heidi cheezing it up

I can't believe how big our girls are getting

Hey... can I borrow that?

Zach stay still... I need to get down...

Wait... you are moving...

Zach is looking way deep down.

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