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Tuesday, August 18, 2009



Today around 2:30 the P.A. that works with Dr. Ross called me and said she had the results from my biopsy and I said "okay...". She said it was good news and I said oh good! She said Dr. Ross removed 4 lymph nodes out of my groin and they ALL came back negative. He also removed some skin from the ankle area to have it tested and it came back negative. Isn't that just FREAKIN' FANTASTIC!

So now, I have a doctor's appointment August 27 to remove my stitches and to talk with Dr. Ross about the next time I will be seeing him. I will be seeing Dr. Ross quit often for this next year, the following year we won't see eachother as much, and then the 3rd year will be the final year I will see him (if no more skin cancer shows its ugly head). I don't mind... Dr. Ross is pretty nice :o).

One more thing and I know y'all are probably pretty tired of hearing about our insurance dilemas, but good news... as of August 1 are insurance switched to the lower deductable coverage, so we will be getting a refund :o). And yes, the money will be going back to everyone we borrowed it from. God is totally still with us!

Thanks to everyone for your wonderful prayers. I have felt everyone of them and I have never felt like I was alone. We love you all!

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