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Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4, 2009

This time last year I was big and pregnant.... waiting each day for Heidi to surprise us with "real" labor contractions. I was really hoping this time last year was the day, but nope she held of for another 2 days (more on Heidi tomorrow). Anyways... last night we went over to Ron and Inez Sparks' house (they live on 60+ acres out in Brookshire) to celebrate our freedom in this great nation. We ate, drank :o), swam (go Hailee!), laughed, yapped, and Bob got to bring out his ENORMOUS grill from work (YAY!). We had a really great time. Poor Heidi got shafted because she got so tired/fussy and was put to bed (I really don't think she cared though because she didn't fuss once when I put her to bed). Here are some pictures...

Yes, Hailee decided to start swimming (2 days ago). She starts swim lessons tomorrow.

Some of the people celebrating with us.

Bob cuddling the Igy (the little dog).

Bob starting the sparklers... Hailee was freaked out...

Then I think she decided it would be okay and just did it!

Carrie Lee and Hailee having some good conversations.

Carrie Lee and Kim

Poor Heidi was woken up at midnight to go home.

Hailee asked Bob if we could go home... she was tired.
Sweet Heidi


Misty said...

super cute. missed you today! :)

Mindy said...

looks like fun! Missed you today! See you at the pool on Wednesday? OH and I was bummed to hear you aren't going on the scrapping retreat!