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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It was a God Day!

I don't think God could have been any closer to Bob and I today. At first I was kind of nervous about the day because we left late (thanks to the Taco Lady). We got on I-10 (which is ALWAYS horrible) and no traffic! Yes, we took the HOV but even the regular lanes had no traffic. God is good! MD Anderson was so easy to get to (thank you Jen T.) and then we did the free vallet (thank you MD Anderson). God was protecting us.

We headed into MD Anderson and Bob went to the bathroom and I checked out some jewelry that this man was selling down in the lobby. Some of that jewelry was so cute and CHEAP! I really thought about buying something, but then I thought... I will be back :o). You want to know something sad? All the sick kids that were down there. Kids with no hair and in wheel chairs... it broke my heart and I was thinking about Hailee and Heidi and how blessed I am to have 2 healthy little girls. Thank you Jesus!

We headed to the 9th floor where the Melanoma Clinic was and we checked in and just sat and waited for someone to call my name :o). We got called to go take care of paper work, then it was time to pay our deductable (that hurt Bob), then we waited a little while longer, and next thing we know we were on our way to the exam room :o).

The first doctor I saw was Dr. Rebecca Longoria... she was super cute, nice, and very communitive (is that a word?). Okay... so she talked to me like a person :o). She looked at all my 2000 parts (not really maybe 1999 parts :o) and we talked about what they wanted to do and all that would happen... blugh blugh blugh. She was really nice. We talked about a few moles I have noticed in the past few weeks and she did end up circle one for Dr. Ross to look at. Then she talked to me about the melanoma and what Dr. Ross wanted to do. Then she left and was going to go present everything to Dr. Ross and then he was going to make his entrance.

I will have to say the whole time I felt good. Not nervous or fidgety. I felt good. I felt calm. I felt like I was in good hands. It took Dr. Ross along time to get his booty in the room and Jen ended up having to leave because she had a baby doctor appointment over at St. Lukes. But we are so thankful she came because I didn't get anything Rebecca told us and Jen ended up telling me what she said. Thanks Jen. You are such a blessing in my life!

So Dr. Ross finally came in and let me tell you he is so NICE! He examed me (yes it was all about me and my body day). He was wonderful. He talked to me all about what he wanted to do to remove the cancer and some other things that were going to be checked and to make sure the cancer didn't spread (I will explain all this in a minute). He stood right in front of me and stayed in "my space" and just talk to me like a friend. Now that I am typing this and going into detail it brings me to tears. God picked this doctor for me. God knew what I needed and he graciously gave me a great doctor. It is so amazing! Anywho.. He did look at the mole that Rebecca circled and he decided to remove it since it didn't look like any of my other moles/freckles. So, now they are going to be biopsy that mole and see if it is cancerous and if it is they will be able to tell how deep it is because thhey took some tissue with it.

Here is Dr. Ross' plan: I am scheduled for surgery August 7. I donot know what time yet but it will be an all day thing. He is going to remove all the cancer out of my ankle (where the melanoma is). Then he is going to put some dye into my leg and have it travel to my lymph nodes (there are lymph nodes behind your knee and in your gronde (sp?) area) and then he is going to remove 2 or 3 lymph nodes (probably from the gronde) and then get those tested to see if the melanoma has spread there. If the mole that they removed comes back cancerous they will take care of that the same day. I will be blogging more about this as I found out.

Thank you all so much for your prayers, comments, and thoughts. I love you all!

Give unto the Lord, O you mighty ones,
Give unto the Lord glory and strength,
Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name;
Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.
Psalm 29:1-2


Julie P. said...

Thank you for your update...but surgery on April 7th???? Do you mean August 7th?

Sterling said...

Yes... August 7... LOL!

Judy Gomez said...

Hi Sterling, Your mom has shared your blog with us here in Denver. God is showing Himself in mighty ways in your life right now. May you continue to see HIM in your circumstances, rely on your trust and faith in Him as you receive His peace that surpasses all understand. I'll be praying that your body will be completely clean and clear of the cancer and for your quick recovery. For comfort and peace for you, Bob & your mom as you all wait out the coming days. Judy Gomez P.S. Your girls are very beautiful...Hiedi looks a like your mom.