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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Random stuff...

Hello all. Our computer died again and my step-brother, Rich fixed it for us. It was pretty messed up. We did lose everything. Even my pcitures but I have most of my pictures on my blog and Facebook, so most of the pictures are saved (I only lost May and what I had of June). Then on Saturday Mindy and I had another cooking day (cooking for a month in one day). It was a really successful day! Bob went out with Rich and Bernadette Saturday night for Rich's birthday and I think they had a great time. I stayed home and sat on my butt and watched The Women. It was an okay movie.

Sunday, was a good day. The girls and I went to church and Bob stayed home and did yard work that has been having to be put off for a week. Tomorrow is the first day of VBS, so Sarah and I worked hard on our room to get it all ready for about 25 kids tomorrow. It looked good when we left :o)! I am so ready to finally be done with all this preparation and finally have the kids to teach :o).

S0 lately I have really been consumed with how I am towards my family, Bob, my friends, and of course God. Not that I am worried about what people think of me, but how I am living in the Word and trying to "live it". I am trying to change myself into the better. I am trying to be a more loving, understanding, submisive wife and mother (submisive to Bob :o). This is something I am really struggling with as I see friends and family not being what I thought they were ("living it"). I don't know if this is making any sense but it is really hard to talk about and put into words. I am really going to need to pray and speak to God about all this and STOP and listen (listening is an issue I have :o).

Today (Monday) was the first day of VBS and it went GREAT! The only inncodent we had was a kid decorating his boomerang with paint dots. I think he was squeezing the paint container really tight and then it exploded like a volcano. The paint exploded out of the container all over the little boys hair, clothes, it sprayed the wall and window behind him. It was a mess to clean up. Then when I was in the process of cleaning up the wall I told all the kids not to take off the plastic peice holding in all the paint (this was before I realized he squeezed the paint container to death) and 2 other little boys said "Where." "What piece of plastic." LOL! I said "Don't worry about it." Well the little boy that asked me What piece ended up spilling paint everywhere except he pulled the plastic part out and it went everywhere (no where near the first explosion). That was about it for today. Tomorrow will be just as great!

Hailee had a great time in her VBS class and has a memory verse to memorize before tomorrow :o). Heidi could have probably done without today though. I picked her up and she was tired and ready for a nap. She did well though :o).

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