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Monday, June 22, 2009

The End of Time.

I know this is kind of crazy to talk about, but I was with my "girls" tonight (accountability group with 5 women) and Mere brought up the End Times. Anyways... we were talking about if we (I know a little selfish) were ready. Yes, we want to all be with our Father, but we also want to stay with our family and watch our kids grow old and all that stuff that goes with it. I totally get it and let me just say and bring up a few things.

I am so ready to be with my Father. I am okay if I had to die tomorrow and go and live with my most wonderful beautiful loving Father. Yes, when I think about it right now I don't want to leave my family. I want to raise my kids with Bob and watch them grow into beautiful loving women. But, if I was to go tomorrow it would be okay. Bob probably isn't on the same page as I am, but I am here to live for Jesus while here on earth and to plant seeds everywhere I go (this is something that I think we all struggle with, but I am working on it :o). To be Jesus with skin on. Through this I know I am going to be with my Lord and Savior! I can't wait to see and hear everything Heaven has to offer :o).

Are you ready? I know we are not at all sinless (far from it), but we can work on that and confess our sins. I struggle everyday with my prayer life. I so yearn for my heart to be completely changed. To be what I consider "perfect". I have noticed a little change by just the discernment the Lord has so graciously made me aware of. So, I am working on my attitude. I also struggle with my part of learning God's word and reading it and having Him speak through it. I know He will and I so desperately want to hear Him, but I know what I have to do. I have to put Him first. Not second... FIRST! Why is that so hard?

I so desperately want the people I love so much to be in Heaven with me and I don't know if they all will be. And it makes me sad. Sometimes I wish it wasn't so hard to talk about religion and I wish it would be so easy to talk about everything you want to know. All the questions you had would just be out there and no one would judge, but just talk and have a OPEN conversation about it all. Anyone with me?

I know Heaven is going to be GLORIOUS! I know there are loved ones already there waiting for me. The road maybe tough on my way to Heaven (if the End Times happens before I die or just everyday life) and I don't know what is going to happen to me and my family, but I know God knows and I am going to fight my hardest for my Father Jesus Christ.

I think this is all I have to say. I want you all to know (if you don't already) I am an open book. If you have a question about me and my faith... ASK! We can have a great conversation with no judgement :o). I am continuing everyday to learn and have a prayer life and teach my kids about the love their Almighty Lord has for them.

Love you all!!!

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Julie P. said...

amen sista! I'm proud of how you are using your blog! God is doing a mighty work through you! I've seen you grow so fast spiritually in these past few years! Wish we could live by each other!!!