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Saturday, May 2, 2009


I don't know if I ever had any monster issues when I was little (I just had other issues), but let me tell you... Hailee has a monster that comes and visits her.

She has mentioned the monster before, but we never took it seriously. The monster would only come up every once in a while. Well, yesterday while Bob and Hailee were outside some how the monster came up. She told Bob that the monster is usually outside her window. But, I guess the monster was inside her room this time and took her Ariel doll . Bob asked her what the monster looked like and she said he was big, red, has big horns (she puts her fingers up by her head like horns), and she said he lives far away. What does that sound like to you?

After Bob told me what Hailee and him talked about... I asked Hailee about the monster. She told me again that he took her little Ariel. I asked her if he has ever said anything to her and she said no... all he has ever said is pssst. Great huh?

The first thing I thought of when Bob told me was... satan. I thought... satan had sent a demon here to freak my child out because, we have been serving the Lord. I will not let him do this! I told Hailee if he (the monster) comes back to tell the big red horned thing that she doesn't believe in him and her God will keep her safe!


On another note, Hailee got another blow up pool (we get a new pool every year). Bob blew it up last night, so it would be all ready for today (and hope it would warm up a little bit). We got in it this morning (11:30ish) and it was COLD! I will post on this tomorrow and new pictures (they came out so cute).

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