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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mayfest 2009

Hailee's gymnastics school that she has been going to all (school) year had their Mayfest today. Mayfest is just a time for all the parents to come and see what they have been paying for... LOL! No really... what their kids have learned. Here is some of what Hailee has learned....

Hailee doing some great work on the bars (thanks Coach Johno).

What a cute little gymnist!

I am not sure what this is called... but it always gives Hailee problems (thanks Coach)

Hailee getting assistance on her cartwheel, then Hailee doing a see-saw (she is good at those), and Hailee showing off her great balance on the balance beam.

Go Hailee!

Hailee got a great looking trophy for all her hard work. She told me she is the little figuring (sp?) on the top of the trophy. When she grows up she said.

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