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Sunday, May 3, 2009

1st Swim of the Summer

Continuing on what I said at the bottom of my last blog. We got a new blow up pool (when I say blow up pool don't think little... the pool is 10 ft. long and 6 ft. wide. Us Greene's don't mess around when it comes to cooling off in the summer) on Thursday and Bob blew it up on Friday (hoping it would warm up a bit for Saturday). Let me just say it was COLD!

Hailee got in and then I put Heidi in her float (we got Heidi a float so when we go to big pools this summer I can help Hailee swim and Heidi can just sit and chill in the pool). When I put Heidi in her float she making the cold sound... Hehehehe... just like you would when you get in something cold. But, she didn't cry. She saw Hailee in the pool having a good time so all she could do is smile :o).

I stepped in the pool, but it was to cold for me so I sat in a chair on the outside of the pool while Heidi floated and Hailee splashed around.

Hailee thought it would be funny to splash Heidi in the face, but I stopped that quick. You should have seen Heidi's face when Hailee did that. Oh wait here is a picture....

Heidi just hung out and chewed on this little turtle while Hailee got her swimming "fix" for the day. At the end of our swim adventure you could tell Heidi was getting cold. I got her out, stripped her down, and wrapped her in a towel and plopped her in her swing while Hailee finished up her swim. You could tell when I got Heidi out Hailee wasn't having as much fun. Hailee loves her sister!

It was a good day and no one got sun burned. YAY!


On another note, I heard from a mom (Becky) of one of Hailee's friends (Hannah).... Becky told me that Hailee has been talking to Hannah about the monster. Becky thought it was a monster visiting Hannah, but figured out Hannah was talking about Hailee's monster. Great huh?

I will have to say though... since Bob and I talked to Hailee about her monster that the monster hasn't shown up. Every night we go over what to say if the monster does re-appear. Anyways, just thought I would give a little update. Everyone stay healthy this week and stay away from that Swime Flu!

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Misty said...

That picture towards the end of Hailee by herself....oh my goodness she looks like such a big girl!!