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Friday, May 8, 2009

10 Months Old

Heidi is 10 months old. I hadn't taken any great pictures to put up for her being 10 months, so I thought well I better get some cute ones. I was trying to capture this thing she has started to do that Hailee use to do, but as soon has the camera comes out she just clams up.

This first one here is the closest I could get to what Hailee use to do. I was going to compare pictures, but that picture of Hailee is not on the computer and I don't feel like searching through all my CD's to find it. I think you all will survive :o).

These last 2 pictures were taken today after a fun day in our pool.

Heidi is doing a couple of new things. She is now pulling herself up from her stomach to a sitting position. Isn't that great? She just started a few days ago :o). I walked into her room to get her after her nap and I walk in and there she was sitting up in her bed. She was so proud of herself. She was laughing and clapping. It was priceless!
Heidi is now eating ALL solid food now. No more baby food. It is all food we eat! YAY for Heidi! She is so much fun! And Hailee and Heidi love eachother so much. It is so fun to see their sister bond growing. I love it!

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