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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

YAY for God!

Is that a weird title? It is just so AWESOME that millions of people have been praying for baby Stellan and the Lord heard. Stellan has been discharged for the Boston Children's Hosptial and on his way home. How awesome is that? If you haven't checked out Mckmama's blog you should... Stellan went from the low of all lows and now he is so happy and peaceful to be out of the hospital and sleeping on a real bed in peace and quiet. God is so Great!

Just praying for a complete stranger and seeing how awesome prayer is has really changed my prayer life and how I view it. God is listening and heard our prayers for baby Stellan. Just imagine what He is hearing now and how much more He wants to hear. God can still preform miracles! He is just waiting to here from you!

I love the Lord!

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