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Friday, April 17, 2009

My world has changed...

Before yesterday I had a baby that just scooted around on her blanket that was on the floor. She would roll around from toy to toy. It was so wonderful. Until yesterday... she decided it was time to explore the house. I will have to blame this on the cat because has soon as Heidi saw the cat she was off. Heidi started in the living room and ended up in the hallway (on her way to the bathroom). No one wants a "tootsie pop". LOL! I shut the bathroom door and Hailee's door (Hailee has to many little things in her room) and she was on her way to our room. Our room is pretty safe. It was great. She pulls herself with her hands/arms and then sometimes uses her toes to push off the floor to make her way a little faster. It is hilarious! She is starting to get around a lot fast now too :o). As soon as she was in the hallway I knew we had to take action. I had Bob stop by the store to get a gate for the hallway. Hailee thinks the gate is the greatest! I don't know why but, she thinks it is a toy and goes in and out of the gate 50 million times and clicks it back and forth. Let me just say it is quite ANNOYING! Hopefully it will get old fast. LOL! Oh yea... so since Heidi decided to start crawling all over the place she had been covered in animal hair so, I knew I had to take action. I vaccumed the floors and then swiffered all the dirt up. So, now I get to clean the floors probably about once a day because it started to look like all the animal hair was starting to irritate Heidi's allergies. Great huh?

I wil have to say... Today has been a lot better. There has been no crying or fussing. Heidi is taking a great nap also. I am sure the Benadryl helped a little... LOL!

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