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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter everyone! I just have to say I am overwhelmed with Christ's love for me (I hope that came out right :o). I love Jesus! I love that God sent His only son here to die for our sins! I love that Jesus knew this was going to happen and He did it any ways because He loves us so much! I love that He is in everyone of us! I love that I can speak to God when ever I want! I love that He is always there and that I don't have to wait until it is convenient for Him! I love that He is there when I have no one else! I love that He will comfort me in whatever I am in! I just can't say it enough.... I LOVE JESUS!!!
You know what else I have learned to LOVE so very much... speaking to my kids about how wonderful, loving, generous, comforting, forgiving, etc. our Father is. I have to say watching Hailee listen and learn and re-tell the story of Jesus' Resurrection... it is the COOLEST! I don't know if anyone feels the same but, man... I am overwhelmed by God's glory! I love Jesus!
Today, was just so great! We did NOTHING! I couldn't tell you the last time that happened. Well, I did have to do the everyday stuff but, nothing extra. It was so great!
I was thinking in the kitchen not to long ago as I was washing bottles... how great my life is. I may not always think that but, it really is wonderful. I have a loving husband that works hard for our family and then comes home and has little people waiting for him to play with them. Even though he is so tired... he comes in and instantly turns FUN daddy on. If that was me... could I do that? As he plays with them he is talking to me and is willing (well maybe not always willing) to help me with whatever I ask him to do. I don't think it could get any better than that.
Then while I was cleaning the kitchen I was thinking how things use to be... before I was married and how care free I was and how all I worried about was going to work, going home, and going to see Bob. We were so just a go with the flow couple. It was so great! Then we got married and it was great! We just did what any new married couple did :o). We thought about having a family soon, where we would live, how to live together, etc. So many things. Then a baby was here before you new it and our world changed. Everyone has their challenging times as new parents and how to fit this new little one in. As I was thinking about this all and watching Bob chase Hailee and them playing hide-and-seek... I couldn't imagine my life any different and I am so thankful for it all (even though sometimes I may not be very nice).
Thank you Lord for sending your only son to earth and having Him die for our sin. O' PRAISE HIM!

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Misty said...

I'm right there with you girl. God is so good, and I can't complain about my blessed life!