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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hailee News

This has been a lot of posts in one day :o)... Gezzzzz...

I feel bad because lately I haven't really posted anything about Hailee. Here is something she said that was funny tonight.

I was doing my nightly bottle washing and Hailee and I were having a conversation about people we know who are going to have a baby or more like Hailee's friend's mommies who are having babies and how her friends are going to be big brothers... LOL! Anyways... we were talking about everyone... I mean like 3 people that are pregnant and that is a lot for a little person take comprehend because all they here is baby baby baby. So, we were talking about it and I forgot to name someone that was pregnant that we had talked about earlier in the week so, she reminded me of that person and I said oh yea. Then I said... that is a lot of babies huh? And Hailee said... yea... It is killing me! I have to tell you I laughed. Because when she said it she said it slumped over on the counter and in this tired voice. It was really funny!

The phrase "It is Killing Me." is from me :o). Yes... I know I should get the GREATEST MOM award... LOL! I say it quite often. YAY for me (not!).

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