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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Part Two

First something random I thought was really funny... those of you with dogs or cats or both... don't you think it is just HILARIOUS when your little one talks to the dog or cat like they are a real person or actually know what they are talking about. It cracks me up! So, Hailee is sitting down on the floor going through all the eggs she just found and opening them and the cat is walking through all her stuff and sniffing all the stuff and Hailee tells the cat... "Kitty, don't eat that... that is mine... not yours." She was all serious... it was like she was talking to a friend or her sister. Actually she was talking to the cat just like she talks to Heidi. It just makes me laugh...

On to the Easter stuff... so today we had a "last supper" like Jesus did. I was talking to a friend on what I blogged about the other night about how we don't make Easter important like we do Christmas. She mentioned maybe having a "last supper". At first I wasn't so sure about it but, you know what... it was great. I think it really helped Hailee see kind of what we are talking about. So, as we sat done we talked about the last supper and what Jesus said to His disciples and we had grape juice instead of His "blood". It was pretty cool.

We went to church tonight (Saturday night) and we listened to the Easter sermon Pastor Alex did. It was great as always! When we got home I feed Heidi while Bob went and hid eggs outside (it is supposed to rain here tomorrow). So, we decided to hide all 82 eggs outside before the weather got bad. LOL! Tomorrow we will do our Easter basket thing and egg hunt inside. I have to go now though... it is time to continue on with our Ressurection Eggs.

Oh yea... I forgot to tell y'all we colored eggs today too. It is getting so much more fun as Hailee gets older. This last picture I just took of Hailee and Bob reading about the Ressurection with the Ressuretion Eggs. Hailee really enjoys it!

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