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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can You Imagine?

Have you ever thought what Heaven would be like and what you would see and hear?

Would there be actual gates you would walk through?

Would you see loved ones you have lost? And what would they look like? Would they look like how you remembered them (as healthy and full of life)?

Would you hear LOUD beautiful music? So loud it would consume every thought?

Would you even think or remember the people you have left behind on earth?

Would you be greeted by Angels? Would they lead you to our Father?

Would our Father be in a throne with fire? Or would he walk towards us and greet us with open arms?

Will there be a smell?

These are just some things I think of. I wonder about these things because I know I am going to Heaven. I am not at all perfect (so far from it) but, I know God and I love Him and I do the best I can to glorify Him. I am trying to change myself to be more like Him (even though that is far fetched). I am trying to love my Father more, love my kids more, love my husband more, love others more, and love myself more. I love my GOD and I can't wait to be with Him one day!!

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