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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Begining of Easter week...

Easter week really started on Wednesday... kind of crazy huh? You would think with Easter meaning the Resurrection of Jesus Christ that we would be talking about Easter at least a month before. You would think between Christmas- the birth of Christ vs. Easter- the resurrection of Christ (dying for our sin)... that out of the 2 the resurrection would be the most important to talk about and teach your child about. Right? I have really been thinking about this the past few days. I asked Hailee this morning what she thought Easter was and she said "Eggs... Bunny...". I was thinking... oh no... what now... so I started to tell her about the resurrection...

I told Hailee... When Jesus was older a lot of people didn't like Him and they nailed His hands to the cross and He ended up dying (I went quick through this part). Then they put Jesus in a tomb. I told her what a tomb was~ a cave where they put bodies in and then there was a big rock that they put in front of the hole and shut them in there. Then I told Hailee... Mary and her friend came to see Jesus after he died and they opened the tomb and Jesus wasn't there anymore. I told her God rose Him from the dead. God brought Jesus back to life. He was a live! I didn't really get into everything after that... when we talk about it again I need to add that after God rose him from the dead that Jesus got to go home... to God and that after that God put Him in all of us. We have God in us and that is called the Holy Spirit. This is hard to explain to a child but, it needs to be done and explained. Does this make sense?

Anyways enough rambling... Wednesday was playgroup and we went over to Hailee's friend, Jack's house and we played and ate some yummy food. Jack's mommy had a really cute craft. She had paint to paint this paper with different designs on it and that piece of paper that the kids painted fit inside of this flower pot and then it was covered up with a plastic part of the pot. Then Jack's mommy had a flower and potting soil to go in each pot. It was fun and so cute.

Then today (Thursday) was the Easter party at Hailee's school. I wasn't going to go because it is so hectic with Heidi's schedule and lunch and everything. I told Hailee why I wasn't going to be able to make it and she asked why so, I told her. I asked her if that was okay and she said "No." I felt so bad. So, Heidi and I made it happen and it all worked out :o). Hailee did say she was glad we came. I am too.

More to be continued....

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