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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Animal Love

Now that Heidi is "crawling" now she can get to all the animals and all the animals can get to her. Everytime she spots our cat sleeping or just plain walking around Heidi is instantly after her. It is pretty funny... except the fact that we own the MEANEST cat EVER. The cat (her name is Punk) has actually been a really nice cat to Heidi (so far). Here are some pictures of Heidi and the cat...
Chloe also, had some love to give to Heidi. Heidi has had a runny nose the past few days because of allergies and Chloe thought she would help Heidi out and lick up her boogies for her :o). Wasn't that nice of Chloe?
Heidi was crawling after the cat while she was sleeping today and I had to grab her because I could tell the cat was getting irritated. Then later Hailee runs out to the garage (I was out there for a second letting Chloe out) and says "Ummm... Ummmm.... Heidi.... Ummmm (come on Hailee spit it out).... Heidi.... is by the kitty.... and kitty is trying to bite her. Hurry!" Great huh? I ran in and everything was okay. I chased the cat off and put Heidi somewhere "safe".

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