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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waiting on the Lord...

I have really been trying to be very prayful and obedient to God. I am learning to have patience and wait for the Lord. Everything is in His timing. It drives me CRAZY that I can't just jump on things and make it happen on my own time.

I am learning to hold my tongue. Even though it doesn't happen all the time.... I recognize when I should have held my tongue and I didn't. And then I think of a verse that says One who holds their tongue is wise and one who vomits words out is ignorant (I can't remember word for word but, you get the point). I need to hold my tongue and wait on the Lord to answer or work in my heart.

I am learning to have patience with my children. That they are not perfect. God made them with flause and it doesn't help when I am being hard on them and expecting so much out of them (such as a 4 year old). I am realizing a 4 year old is a 4 year old and nothing is going to change that and I shouldn't want to change that. I need to wait on the Lord to change me.

I am realizing the Lord is hearing my prayers. He is giving me peace on things I have been praying about and wondering what to do. I have found that those questions and issues are not weighing on my heart like they were. He is telling me to have peace with it but, to just continue to pray. Other things that are still on my mind maybe have been answered but, I am not totally convinced and continue to pursue it until I know for sure. I need to just be patient and wait on the Lord. No rush... just wait on the Lord God Almighty.

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