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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sorry it has been so long

Hello everyone! I am sorry it has taken me so long to blog but, I am here now. Well some what... more on that later...

Hailee has been wanting to make a bird house for FOREVER (she has been talking about is for months)! Bob just hasn't had the time to sit down and make one so, I told him Hobby Lobby had some cute little bird houses. Hailee and I went on Friday and bought a bird house and some paint (to make it beautiful). I told Hailee we had to wait until daddy got home to paint. Bob got home early that night and we painted the bird house most beautiful.

We had to let it dry over night. Let me tell you... that caused drama (tears). It didn't matter how many times I told Hailee it had to dry first before the birds could and would eat out of the house (or gazebo). I call the bird house and bird pavilion. Doesn't it look like a gazebo? The next morning Bob and Hailee put it up in the tree so, all the birds could eat. We will see if the squirrels get to it first or not.

Today after Heidi's first nap we headed to the Houston Rodeo. It was a fun day! we went and looked around at all the animals. There were tons of people there and there were lots of lines (which I hate waiting for things). They had all the show animals out so, we walked around and looked at pigs, sheep, cows (we almost got ran over by one spunky heifer) and chickens. Hailee wasn't so sure of those stinky cute pigs so, Bob had to be in the picture too. They have place where you can sit and watch baby chicks being born (it is so cool). I think that might be one of my favorite things at the rodeo. Then we walked around and did our shopping. Hailee found a cowgirl hat that she liked so, we bought her one. Isn't it cute. After we bought her the cowgirl hat... we were leaving the store and Hailee says... There is Jack. And we are like huh... where? I look around and see Jack's mom's head and I yell Valerie. She turns around and we walk up there and chat for a bit. Valerie (she is one of my good friends) had her 2 little boys dressed all in their cowboy attire. They were so stinkin' cute! Then we were off to continue our shopping. After Hailee saw Jack and his lasso (is that spelled right?) she had to have one. So, we bought her a $3 lasso. I made her happy :o). That is all worth it when you see that smile. Here is a picture of her lassoing.

Heidi was so good today. What a good baby she is! She just goes with the flow. I love it! Here is a cute picture of her. We found this little cowgirl hat and just put it on her head to get this quick picture. She loves to be just like her sister.

As we were walking around we came across some John Deere's and I had to get a picture of them together on it. But, of course I couldn't get both of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Oh well... it is still cute :o).

It was getting about dinner time for Heidi so we went outside where they had all the food and Hailee got Dippin' Dots, Bob got a funnel cake, and I got a tall frozen acholic drink. Ummm... it was yummy! It had wine in it instead of tequila so, it was nice and sweet. To make a long story short I got a little to tipsy. I needed it though.. I needed to just relax and let loose. I was a good night.

One more thing... we got this mineral salt light thing and it is supposed to help the dust, allergies, energy in your house. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Here are a few more pictures taken at the rodeo...


Jenn said...

I miss you, Friend!!! And LOVING the pics of the girls. They're both so beautiful and growing so fast! Love you!

Misty said...

my friend has one of those mineral salt things, and LOVES it! And you were missed last night....though we did have a good laugh at why you weren't here ;)