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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Raining On Our Parade

Last night when we were leaving church I noticed Heidi had a little stuffy nose. I knew that tomorrow was going to be worse. I was preparing myself. I was thinking... okay, this will be a little cold like it was last time (2 weeks ago). She woke up like every 2 hours last night... not crying just whinning. This morning she woke up and she was not happy. Usually she wakes up and talks and rolls around and then I go in there and get her at 7:30. I went in there and got her out of her bed and layed her down to change her diaper and clothes.. she was not happy. I noticed as I was changing her she had a goopy watery eye (I was thinking... oh this is great). Then I noticed she was rubbing her snot in her eye... GROSS! But, I couldn't get a smile on her face. This is not normal Heidi. She drank 4 out of 6 oz. She wouldn't let me put her down. All she wanted was to be held. I was thinking... great how am I going to get Hailee ready for school. So, I called the doctor's office and got an appointment for 9:40 this morning. Heidi did tolerate the swing this morning and swung for like 10 minutes and that was enough and she started getting all worked up again. I picked her up and calmed her down. I decided to give her some Motrin because you could tell she felt really bad and she had a low grade fever. After that I sat her in her high chair to try to feed her her breakfast. She ate some puffs and started choking on them and then she got all worked again. Heidi is so sensitive today. I picked her up and got her apples and bananas all warmed up and tried to feed her while sitting in my lap. She wanted nothing to do with food. I was like whatever... I am not going to fight it. Then, were about to head out the door to take Hailee to school and I remembered I forgot to make her a lunch. Oh great... right? How was I going to do this when all Heidi wants to do is be held. I told Hailee I was going to need her to be a big girl and play with Heidi while I got her lunch ready really quick. She was like OK. I told her Heidi may cry but, I need you to keep playing with her. Hailee did... she sat there and played with her roaring or no roaring. That was great! Praise God!

We got in the car and there as more drama but, I am not going to get into that. I dropped Hailee off at school and Heidi and I were off to the doctor. We got there a little early and headed to the back within 5 minutes. We did have to wait a little bit in the the doctor's room but, it wasn't bad. It seemed like Heidi was feeling a little better. Doctor Clarke came in and examed Heidi and said everything looked and sounded great. Her eye did look a little red and he prescribed some drops.

We came home and she took an hour (or so) nap. That was good. She woke up and was a little crabby but, she drank her bottle and ate some lunch. She did play a bit but, that didn't last long. So, I thought maybe I will try to lay her down. And sure enough... she was tired and instantly feel asleep. But, she slept for like 30 minutes and was up talking to herself (getting fussy). I was thinking... great she pooped and yep that is what woke her up. UGH! We hung around the house for just a little bit and then I couldn't take it anymore and we went to pick up her prescription and to go pick up Hailee.

She is still fussy and not feeling like herself at all. It just took her over 30 minutes to fall asleep. I would go in her room and hold her for a bit and she would dooze off and when I tried to lay her down she would cry. I did that 2 times and finally that last time she cried but, went to sleep.

I feel like these are such little things compared to Stellan's story. Go to this website... They need a lot of prayer right now. As I read Stellan's story I cried feeling so blessed to have 2 healthy babies. Thank you Jesus!

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