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Friday, March 27, 2009

New Adventures

Usually I am not privileged enough to experience the things I got to experience today. Today, we were going to go and have lunch with daddy because, I needed to go over that way anyways to get some diaper laundry detergent. I thought... well heck... we will just make a day out of it. This morning I was pretty much ready and just had to get the kids ready for our day visiting daddy. Usually while I run around taking care of Heidi... Hailee usually does her own thing. Never any complaints... she always has just entertained herself :o). Well, today she did it a little to well.

So, as Heidi and I were in the bathroom taking in all the steam from the shower (we were doing this to help head congestion). Hailee was busy in her room doing whatever she does. We come out of the bathroom and I go into Hailee's room for some reason and she is crying. I was trying to figure out why she was crying. I told her she had to calm down and tell me what was wrong. Well, she finally got it out and she told me she put something up her nose. I was thinking.... Oh No... what now (and try not to laugh)... Now, I had to figure out what she put up her nose. I had to tell her to calm down again. She said she put jewelry up her nose. What? Why would you do that? I was kind of freaking out... okay now what? I called Bob asking him where the flash light was because I could not see it at all. I got the flash light and lite up her nose and I saw a little something so, I thought I need the tweezers. I ran and got the tweezers. Remember, Heidi is still awake. She is being so good and just hanging out on Hailee's bed. So, I come back with the tweezers and I get in position... and she starts freaking out. She was saying NO it is going to hurt (she sees me plucking my eyebrows with the tweezers). I told her it won't hurt (that didn't help at all). I told her if she doesn't let me do it then we will have to go to the hospital and the doctor will have to do it. Well, that really freaked her out. I said... do you want me to do it or do you want the doctor to do it and she said YYYooouuuu! So, she put her head back and I lite up her nose and... there was no way I was going to be able to get it out. Now I was really worried... as I was going to the phone to call Hailee's doctor... IT CAME TO ME! I needed to get Hailee to blow it out of her nostril. I told her to hold down the other side of her nose and then she had to blow really hard. Drum roll..... and it flew right out. I was SO relieved! We had a talk not to put anything up her nose, in her ears, or in her mouth (I stopped at those holes.. LOL!). Ans only medicine goes in her mouth, nose, and ears and only mommy or the doctor does it. And that was that...

Heidi took her nap and then we were on our way to the diaper store. As we were driving... just doing our thing... I look back and Hailee was taking her seat belt off. She had unsnapped the middle plastic piece that goes across the chest and she had pulled her arms out from under the straps. I was like... Hailee what are you doing... Get that seat belt back on right now! And she did. Hailee never does stuff like that. She is having a very odd day.

We left Bob's work after a good Chick-Fil-A lunch and as we came up to Brookshire Brothers I saw the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile. I was like AWESOME!!! I showed Hailee and I was all excited and she wasn't so much. We pulled into the store parking lot and we all got out and rushed Hailee over there just to get a picture of her in front of the Wiener mobile. She was CRYING! Why would she cry? She was in front of the coolest looking car. I made her stay over there and get a picture on my phone. Then it stated raining... I had to rush everyone to the car and get them in their seats. Well the picture didn't get saved and I didn't have it on my phone. I was bummed. When everyone got up from their nap I thought we would just head over there and see if the Wiener mobile was still there and sure enough it was. I was so happy! I talked to Hailee about it and she was okay with it. She was still a little weirded out by it but, I guess I would to if I saw a huge hot dog on wheels. LOL! That makes me laugh!! Wait let me get this out first... hahahahaha! Okay... how often do you get to get your picture with the Oscar Mayer Wiener car? It was so awesome... here is the picture we got...

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