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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy Greene Family

Last week was Spring Break in Katy and on Thursday we (Hailee, Heidi, Sarah (a friend), and I) went to Brenham and took some bluebonnet pictures. We haven't gotten much rain so, there weren't as many as there were last year but, they were still really pretty. After the bluebonnet pictures we went Downtown Brenham and ate lunch at a really good little resturant and had some yummy ice cream.

Friday, I went to Wal-Mart and got Heidi a swing. She loves to swing! Then, this weekend we continued working on the yard. Bob is determined to get the front and back yard grass to be as beautiful as possible. We planted more flowers around the mail box and in our flower pots.

Today, we headed to the Children's Museum downtown. We were so excited because they just did all this work to it and gave the museum a total face lift. The kids had so much fun! All Hailee could remember (from our last visit) was the face paint :o). Heidi had a good time with her friends too :o).

Tonight, Hailee had her Praise Parade at church (she is in this program called WAM at church on Wednesdays and they had a program called Praise Parade). All the kids got up on the stage in there red shirts and these cute hats. They looked so cute! Hailee stood there staring at us while everyone else was singing. It was priceless!!!!!

Hailee painted a bird house and we put it in a tree. I was thinking a squirrel might come and eat all the food but, I thought we would just wait and see. It took a couple of days but, here he is...

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