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Sunday, March 8, 2009

8 Months Old

Heidi is 8 months old! Gosh I can't believe it. I know I say this every month but, I really can't. She is doing all kinds of fun new things... I just can't think of them all. She is still just rolling over one way (from her back to stomach) and having issues rolling back to her back. But, she will get it :o). She is holding herself up really well when she is on her stomach and she isn't crying instantly when she gets on her stomach. I think she is enjoying it more now. She does a 360 degree turn on her stomach so, I know whe will be crawling really soon. We will be investing in gates when she does start crawling :o). YAY for us (not)!

One more thing... I got a couple of Coupon websites off the Today show a few weeks ago. I thought I would be nice and share them with everyone. I got 2 different coupons for diapers... one was for $5.00 off and the other was $3.00 off. Just thought I wouldlet you diaper peeps know...,,, and

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