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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scary Moments...

Remember I told you in my blog about Valentine's day that there was something funny that Hailee did at school? And, I thought she sang that Barbie Necklace (that is what we call it) song in front of the whole class. She said she sang it but, who knows if it really happened. So, I finally found out what Hailee did that was so funny. Here is what her teacher wrote to me...

The day we had valentines party at Hailee's preschool. Well first in movement the kids got a partner to work with and Hailee was matched up with sweet little Seth. He is such a great kid! I noticed they where having alot of fun and later we had a special treat to watch a movie. Hailee and Seth sitting together and then next thing I know Hailee ... Read Moreis inching closer and closer with her arm on the back of his chair. How cute!! Next thing I know I see them all cuddled up with Seths arm around her and hers around him!! It was SO adorable I wished I had a camera! It was SO cute but then mean Ms. Michelle had to break up the lovie dovie action and asked Hailee and Seth to keep their hands to their selves. Something I say all day long to all my kids. And asked Hailee to sit back in her sit because at this point they where both cuddled on Seth's seat! Too bad I don't have a picture to post of the two little love birds. I'm SO blessed to be able to love on all of these kids!!

Great huh? I don't know how to feel about all this (two boys). Yes, I am happy about Hailee being so sweet but, I don't want her to be so sweet to little boys. LOL! I will have to update you on Bob's comments about this all. And on all days this had to happen on (Valentine's party day) ;o).

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