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Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am a little upset (not at anyone reading this) and I need to vent. You know how when you take your child to church, daycare, preschool etc. and they have this long list of reasons you shouldn't bring your kids to church, daycare, or preschool? Do you know what I am talking about? Like... no runny noses if they are green, or if that are coughing, or fever in the last 24 hours.

So, Hailee (and Heidi) has had this stinkin' runny nose for almost 2 weeks and everyones kid had it so we were all thinking maybe it was from this crazy weather (cold and then hot and then cold again). Well come to find out, Hailee's preschool teacher has broncitious (Sp?). I love Ms. Myrtle to death but COME ON! DON'T COME TO SCHOOL IS YOU ARE SICK! Well this weekend Hailee has been getting this cough but, she hasn't been coughing a lot just really seems to get irritated after lying down for a while and then she gets up and needs to spit it out. Anywho... we left the Super Bowl party to night with Hailee saying she wasn't feeling well. We got home and she had a fever. Great huh?

I just don't understand. If we can't bring our kids when they are sick shouldn't the teachers stay home too. I just needed to get this of my chest. We will probably go to the doctor tomorrow and see if anything is going on that we need antibiotics for.

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