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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Isn't it Great?

Today (while Hailee was at school), I made some sugar cookies by scratch and it had to sit in the fridge for a while and I thought that would be perfect... Hailee and I could cut out heart cookies together and icing them together and all that fun stuff. I picked her up from school and I told her when Heidi goes down for her nap we will cut the cookies out and then bake them. She was so excited!

Heidi went down for her nap and off we went to baking cookies for our Playgroup Valentine Party. As we were cutting out these hearts some how we got on the subject of Jesus. I told her on Valentine's Day we celebrate love and Jesus loves you. I asked her... "did you know Jesus loves you?" and she said "yes" . Then she started talking about about baby Jesus and Mary. Then I asked her... "did you know God is Jesus' daddy?". She said "yes". It was such a great little conversation and she knew so much more then I thought.

Then later we icinged the cookies and she started talking about last years Valentine's day. Last Valentines we switched off with some fiends of ours and we would watch eachothers kids while we went on a date. Well she was talking about how last year (she uses last year for everything... last year=yesterday day, last year=the day before) we made these cookies and Sam (her friend) came over and they ate these cookies and she also said she fell off the couch that night and hurt her head (which really happened). I was so amazed by what she remembered... it was so awesome. Then, I brought up something about how everyone was going to love these cookies tomorrow. I said something about her friend, Jack and she started going on about how Jack has to go to the doctor and get his heart checked out. I said "yes, the doctor's thought he had a sick heart." and she said "yea."

It was so awesome to have a really real conversation with her. I don't know maybe I am crazy but, it was nice to actually know what she was talking about and I could talk back to her. Awwww... what a big girl.


Misty said...

that is really cool. it's amazing what they can remember. I cannot BELIEVE she's 4! :)

heyjules77 said...

I totally know what you are talking about! I felt the same way when I was talking to Eloise about her friend Gaven who was moving to Florida. I asked her if she was going to give him a hug goodbye. She said, yes, a kiss too! And I said make sure you kiss him on the cheek, not the lips. She said, "Why?" and I told her that was a friendship kiss. She said, "ohhhh." It was a cute conversation!

Valerie Pearson said...

I meant to tell you earlier -- but I am shocked she knew about Jack's heart. Not even the teachers remembered and I've been telling them everyday, twice a day for two weeks. What a sweet heart she has!!