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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from the Greene's

This week was the week of Valentine Parties. I love them to death but, man... Hailee got so much junk. All I need around the house is candy (which I am not supposed to eat) and little peices of paper that clutters my house even more. But, Hailee loves it and she had fun.

Our first party was on Wednesday it was our playgroup Valentine party. We got together at one of the kid's/mom's house and she had a craft and some yummy cookies and cupcakes (brought by us and one other mom). They exchanged their Valentine's (it was craziness) and then they all wanted to go through there stuff to eat the candy. LOL! It was also a beautiful day outside so, they played outside with one of the dads (he pulled the kids in a wagon). It was fun!

Then, on Thursday they had a Valentine Party at her Preschool. All the kids made pizzas for their lunch and they exchanged Valentine cards. So very sweet. Hailee took this Barbie that she has to school that day for show-in-tell. It is one of those Barbies that if you puch her hand she busts out in song. Well, Hailee knows these songs (well most of the time in her own words) and she sings them very proudly (there is no kidding around when she sings :o). Anyways, we were in the car I asked her if she was going to sing the songs for everyone in her class and she said yes (very proudly). I was thinking very cool. She is putting herself out there. Later that day, I went to go pick her up and her teacher was putting her in the car (they have a carpool lane) and her teacher said I have something really fun to tell you but, I am not going to tell you in front of Hailee. I was thinking... well I guess it isn't that bad since it is funny. If you know me well (most of you do if you are reading this) I can not stand it when someone has something to tell me and can't or won't.... it drives me up the wall. So, as we were driving around running errands I was thinking what could be so stinkin' funny. It came to me... Hailee probably sang the song (it is pretty funny when she sings it because she is so serious). I looked back at her in the review mirror and asked Hailee "did you sing the Necklace song for everyone at show-in-tell?" and she said "yes". I asked her "did they like it?". She said "yes". I asked her "did they clap for you?" and she looked at me and said "no" (like why the heck would they clap for me). So, I am thinking that was what was so funny. I will update you if it is something else funnier.

Today, Bob and I gave Hailee her Valentine gift from us and we have pretty much been relaxing. Hailee went and ran some errands with Bob (to wear her out). Tongiht at Westwood Gymnastics (where Hailee does Gymnastics) they are having a Valentine's Day open gym. You pay a certain amount and you bring your kids there for the night. They do gymnastic stuff, play games, have a snack, watch movies etc. all night. We will drop her off at 7:00 p.m. and pick her up between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. (tonight they are open from 7-midnight). Hailee loves it and we only do it every so often. Heidi will go down for bed around 7:00 p.m. and Bob and I will have the rest of the night to ourselves ;o).

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and we wish you and your families a Happy Valentines Day.

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