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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Girl Trouble!!

I have to share what happened today with everyone :o). Today, I took Hailee to school and like normal we were waiting for the carpool line to move so, I could drop Hailee off. We were next in line and this little boy (in the car in front of us) got out of the car and the lady in charge was taking him inside and some how Hailee and his eyes met. LOL! The little boy, Seth yelled out Hailee and he waved nice and big and Hailee's face lit up (as she was in the car saying there is Seth and returning a huge wave.) Hailee has a boyfriend! LOL! If you remember from one of my previous posts Hailee was hugging and sharing a seat with Seth. I will have to say he is a cute little boy.

I go and pick up Hailee from school and Ms. Michelle put Hailee in the car and said Hailee got some mulch or dirt blown in her eye on the playground. I was thinking... oh she will be fine (I actually said that). And, really is wasn't fine. It was red and puffy. We had to go to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for Caring for Katy (everyone in our church is going out and doing all kinds of wonderful things out in the community Sunday (no church)). She was complaining about her eye and I said when we get home I will get a nice cold wash cloth and she can put it on her eye. Well, we got home and it didn't work. She was in tears because of her eye. So, I called the doctor's office and I talked to a nurse and she said all you can do is flush it out with warm water. I was thinking.... GREAT... this is going to be so FUN! I did it and it was horrible. She cried and cried louder but, it worked and it felt better (for a little while). All night it was bothering her to tears. Finally, I told Bob she just needs to go to bed EARLY so, she can just not think about it and maybe it will be better in the morning.

One more thing about Hailee and her "boyfriend". I was talking with my friend Valerie tonight (she is Jack's mom). Jack and Hailee are in the same preschool class and they have so much fun playing together. Well, Jack told his mom (Valerie) that Hailee and Seth tickle him while going to class. Valerie asked Jack "Are Seth and Hailee boyfriend and girlfriend?" and Jack said "What is that?". Silly kids! Fun times and I can't wait to add one more girl (Heidi) to the stories.

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