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Friday, February 6, 2009

7 months old today!!!

Heidi is 7 months old... can you believe it? We didn't go to the doctor because our next appointment is at 9 months but, I can tell you she is growing and she is so stinkin' cute.

Her "new" things (well kind of)... she is rolling over (just from back to front) and she gets so mad when she get on her stomach. It is instant... as soon as she gets on her stomach she hates it and needs to get on her back. She does this in her bed and she wakes herself up and is very upset. Some more "new" things... she is sitting up unassisted (well she needs pillows on both sides of her and one in the back. She topples over a lot. But she LOVES it because it is all a new view and she can see Hailee a lot better (everything revolves around Hailee). More new things... she is chewing on her fingers like crazy. I always think she is teething and think one day a tooth is going to pop out but, nope not yet. I will let you know when one "POPS" out. Also new... she is taking a bottle now (for all feedings). I was breastfeeding but, decided I was done and she got a good 7 months of it (she was also hurting me). She is taking the bottle great! I had a lot of breast milk frozen so, she is getting that (but she is going through it fast). After that is gone she will be one formula. Heidi also likes to eat her toes. I love this stage of babies because it is so stinkin' cute! But, that is about it with the new things.

I am going to post a picture I took today. Hailee has these pink glasses (that she loves) and she wanted to put them Heidi and all Heidi wanted to do was eat them. I got the glasses and put them on her (thinking I had to take the picture fast). Heidi loved them and she was all smiley. Then she had enough and started eating them. Hailee was like... "No no no... don't eat the glasses.". I rescued them. Thank you Hailee for sharing and being such a GREAT big sister :o).

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