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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Girl Trouble!!

I have to share what happened today with everyone :o). Today, I took Hailee to school and like normal we were waiting for the carpool line to move so, I could drop Hailee off. We were next in line and this little boy (in the car in front of us) got out of the car and the lady in charge was taking him inside and some how Hailee and his eyes met. LOL! The little boy, Seth yelled out Hailee and he waved nice and big and Hailee's face lit up (as she was in the car saying there is Seth and returning a huge wave.) Hailee has a boyfriend! LOL! If you remember from one of my previous posts Hailee was hugging and sharing a seat with Seth. I will have to say he is a cute little boy.

I go and pick up Hailee from school and Ms. Michelle put Hailee in the car and said Hailee got some mulch or dirt blown in her eye on the playground. I was thinking... oh she will be fine (I actually said that). And, really is wasn't fine. It was red and puffy. We had to go to Hobby Lobby to get some stuff for Caring for Katy (everyone in our church is going out and doing all kinds of wonderful things out in the community Sunday (no church)). She was complaining about her eye and I said when we get home I will get a nice cold wash cloth and she can put it on her eye. Well, we got home and it didn't work. She was in tears because of her eye. So, I called the doctor's office and I talked to a nurse and she said all you can do is flush it out with warm water. I was thinking.... GREAT... this is going to be so FUN! I did it and it was horrible. She cried and cried louder but, it worked and it felt better (for a little while). All night it was bothering her to tears. Finally, I told Bob she just needs to go to bed EARLY so, she can just not think about it and maybe it will be better in the morning.

One more thing about Hailee and her "boyfriend". I was talking with my friend Valerie tonight (she is Jack's mom). Jack and Hailee are in the same preschool class and they have so much fun playing together. Well, Jack told his mom (Valerie) that Hailee and Seth tickle him while going to class. Valerie asked Jack "Are Seth and Hailee boyfriend and girlfriend?" and Jack said "What is that?". Silly kids! Fun times and I can't wait to add one more girl (Heidi) to the stories.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Free Money?? (well kind of)

So, my friend Misty is all about saving money ( and it is CONTAGIOUS!!! She has been doing these things you see that ask you to do these online offers. For example, they say you can earn a $500 Visa gift card and all you have to do is spend a little money. Scary huh? Well, not so scary! There are some websites out there that actually will give you a $500 Visa gift cards etc. for just spending a little bit of money. I was nervous at first but, there is this lady that does all these "crazy" things for a living( I just finished my first one and I am so excited! I didn't spend more than $20 for everything (because of the special offers). And for the products that are going to be sent to me and eventually cost something... I will just send them back and cancel my future orders or membership. That is that. Then after everything is confirmed I will be getting my $500 Visa gift card. If you are interested and need help check out these website links or call or email me. It is SUPER cool.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Scary Moments...

Remember I told you in my blog about Valentine's day that there was something funny that Hailee did at school? And, I thought she sang that Barbie Necklace (that is what we call it) song in front of the whole class. She said she sang it but, who knows if it really happened. So, I finally found out what Hailee did that was so funny. Here is what her teacher wrote to me...

The day we had valentines party at Hailee's preschool. Well first in movement the kids got a partner to work with and Hailee was matched up with sweet little Seth. He is such a great kid! I noticed they where having alot of fun and later we had a special treat to watch a movie. Hailee and Seth sitting together and then next thing I know Hailee ... Read Moreis inching closer and closer with her arm on the back of his chair. How cute!! Next thing I know I see them all cuddled up with Seths arm around her and hers around him!! It was SO adorable I wished I had a camera! It was SO cute but then mean Ms. Michelle had to break up the lovie dovie action and asked Hailee and Seth to keep their hands to their selves. Something I say all day long to all my kids. And asked Hailee to sit back in her sit because at this point they where both cuddled on Seth's seat! Too bad I don't have a picture to post of the two little love birds. I'm SO blessed to be able to love on all of these kids!!

Great huh? I don't know how to feel about all this (two boys). Yes, I am happy about Hailee being so sweet but, I don't want her to be so sweet to little boys. LOL! I will have to update you on Bob's comments about this all. And on all days this had to happen on (Valentine's party day) ;o).

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Baby Dedication

Today was the day we dedicated Heidi to the Lord. It was so great! I love our church and I love our Pastor. Our Pastor truely loves us (the church body) as God intends. Everytime he speaks I feel the message and totally get and understand what he is trying to get across. Anyways :o)... Heidi was such a good little baby while we were dedicating her. All she did was chew on her fingers and occassionally turn and look what was going on behind her. We got a little certificate saying Heidi was dedicated on this day and we got a card saying what Heidi LeAnne means. Her name means: Blessed and this is her verse: "The Lord will give strength unto His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace..." Psalm 29:11. I really like that verse.

We never dedicated Hailee but, we asked if we could do it when we did Heidi's dedication. But, they said they don't do dedications after 15 months old. But, Hailee got a card saying what Hailee Sterling means. Her name means: Creative and this is her verse "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men... for you serve the Lord Christ." Colossians 3:23-34. I really like this verse too.

No matter if we dedicated Heidi or not, we still are going to raise our children in Christ. I know it seems like Hailee is getting gipped but, she's not. She is so involved in the church, we read the Bible to her, she is memorizing Bible verses (she knows 3 already by memory), we pray with her, we pray for her and Heidi daily etc. We will be doing the same with Heidi when she gets older. We love our children and we want them to know that God loves them more than anything, more than they could ever imagine.

Anywho, I thought I would just let you all know what we did today and how special God is our lives. Talk to you all soon.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from the Greene's

This week was the week of Valentine Parties. I love them to death but, man... Hailee got so much junk. All I need around the house is candy (which I am not supposed to eat) and little peices of paper that clutters my house even more. But, Hailee loves it and she had fun.

Our first party was on Wednesday it was our playgroup Valentine party. We got together at one of the kid's/mom's house and she had a craft and some yummy cookies and cupcakes (brought by us and one other mom). They exchanged their Valentine's (it was craziness) and then they all wanted to go through there stuff to eat the candy. LOL! It was also a beautiful day outside so, they played outside with one of the dads (he pulled the kids in a wagon). It was fun!

Then, on Thursday they had a Valentine Party at her Preschool. All the kids made pizzas for their lunch and they exchanged Valentine cards. So very sweet. Hailee took this Barbie that she has to school that day for show-in-tell. It is one of those Barbies that if you puch her hand she busts out in song. Well, Hailee knows these songs (well most of the time in her own words) and she sings them very proudly (there is no kidding around when she sings :o). Anyways, we were in the car I asked her if she was going to sing the songs for everyone in her class and she said yes (very proudly). I was thinking very cool. She is putting herself out there. Later that day, I went to go pick her up and her teacher was putting her in the car (they have a carpool lane) and her teacher said I have something really fun to tell you but, I am not going to tell you in front of Hailee. I was thinking... well I guess it isn't that bad since it is funny. If you know me well (most of you do if you are reading this) I can not stand it when someone has something to tell me and can't or won't.... it drives me up the wall. So, as we were driving around running errands I was thinking what could be so stinkin' funny. It came to me... Hailee probably sang the song (it is pretty funny when she sings it because she is so serious). I looked back at her in the review mirror and asked Hailee "did you sing the Necklace song for everyone at show-in-tell?" and she said "yes". I asked her "did they like it?". She said "yes". I asked her "did they clap for you?" and she looked at me and said "no" (like why the heck would they clap for me). So, I am thinking that was what was so funny. I will update you if it is something else funnier.

Today, Bob and I gave Hailee her Valentine gift from us and we have pretty much been relaxing. Hailee went and ran some errands with Bob (to wear her out). Tongiht at Westwood Gymnastics (where Hailee does Gymnastics) they are having a Valentine's Day open gym. You pay a certain amount and you bring your kids there for the night. They do gymnastic stuff, play games, have a snack, watch movies etc. all night. We will drop her off at 7:00 p.m. and pick her up between 10:00 and 11:00 p.m. (tonight they are open from 7-midnight). Hailee loves it and we only do it every so often. Heidi will go down for bed around 7:00 p.m. and Bob and I will have the rest of the night to ourselves ;o).

Anyways, I hope everyone is doing well and we wish you and your families a Happy Valentines Day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Isn't it Great?

Today (while Hailee was at school), I made some sugar cookies by scratch and it had to sit in the fridge for a while and I thought that would be perfect... Hailee and I could cut out heart cookies together and icing them together and all that fun stuff. I picked her up from school and I told her when Heidi goes down for her nap we will cut the cookies out and then bake them. She was so excited!

Heidi went down for her nap and off we went to baking cookies for our Playgroup Valentine Party. As we were cutting out these hearts some how we got on the subject of Jesus. I told her on Valentine's Day we celebrate love and Jesus loves you. I asked her... "did you know Jesus loves you?" and she said "yes" . Then she started talking about about baby Jesus and Mary. Then I asked her... "did you know God is Jesus' daddy?". She said "yes". It was such a great little conversation and she knew so much more then I thought.

Then later we icinged the cookies and she started talking about last years Valentine's day. Last Valentines we switched off with some fiends of ours and we would watch eachothers kids while we went on a date. Well she was talking about how last year (she uses last year for everything... last year=yesterday day, last year=the day before) we made these cookies and Sam (her friend) came over and they ate these cookies and she also said she fell off the couch that night and hurt her head (which really happened). I was so amazed by what she remembered... it was so awesome. Then, I brought up something about how everyone was going to love these cookies tomorrow. I said something about her friend, Jack and she started going on about how Jack has to go to the doctor and get his heart checked out. I said "yes, the doctor's thought he had a sick heart." and she said "yea."

It was so awesome to have a really real conversation with her. I don't know maybe I am crazy but, it was nice to actually know what she was talking about and I could talk back to her. Awwww... what a big girl.

Friday, February 6, 2009

7 months old today!!!

Heidi is 7 months old... can you believe it? We didn't go to the doctor because our next appointment is at 9 months but, I can tell you she is growing and she is so stinkin' cute.

Her "new" things (well kind of)... she is rolling over (just from back to front) and she gets so mad when she get on her stomach. It is instant... as soon as she gets on her stomach she hates it and needs to get on her back. She does this in her bed and she wakes herself up and is very upset. Some more "new" things... she is sitting up unassisted (well she needs pillows on both sides of her and one in the back. She topples over a lot. But she LOVES it because it is all a new view and she can see Hailee a lot better (everything revolves around Hailee). More new things... she is chewing on her fingers like crazy. I always think she is teething and think one day a tooth is going to pop out but, nope not yet. I will let you know when one "POPS" out. Also new... she is taking a bottle now (for all feedings). I was breastfeeding but, decided I was done and she got a good 7 months of it (she was also hurting me). She is taking the bottle great! I had a lot of breast milk frozen so, she is getting that (but she is going through it fast). After that is gone she will be one formula. Heidi also likes to eat her toes. I love this stage of babies because it is so stinkin' cute! But, that is about it with the new things.

I am going to post a picture I took today. Hailee has these pink glasses (that she loves) and she wanted to put them Heidi and all Heidi wanted to do was eat them. I got the glasses and put them on her (thinking I had to take the picture fast). Heidi loved them and she was all smiley. Then she had enough and started eating them. Hailee was like... "No no no... don't eat the glasses.". I rescued them. Thank you Hailee for sharing and being such a GREAT big sister :o).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yesterday, I got a doctor's appointment for Hailee at 9:10 a.m. (I called at 8:15). I was rushing around trying to get everyone ready and fed to hurry out the door and we made it on time :o). Usually when we have to go to the doctor I am there for like 2 hours (not joking) and I was so nervous about this doctor's visit. We sat down for 2 minutes (if that) in the waiting room and next thing I knew we were being called back. I was thinking... WOW!! We go back to the room and the nurse was asking her questions (like why we were there, medicine she has taken, etc.). Then she was on her way out the door and said (what she always says) the doctor will be with you in a bit. Okay... that was what I was expecting a bit (like 15 minutes or so). Next thing I know I hear a knock on the door and there he was... 5 minutes later. I was AWESOME!!! He checked Hailee out and she had an ear infection starting and prescribed her an antibiotic. That was taken care of... YAY! Before we left he asked how Heidi was doing and I said she is conjested but, I think she is okay besides that. He went ahead and checked her ears really quick and all is good. We were in at 9:10 a.m. and out in the car at 9:27 a.m. Man... God is AWESOME!

Hailee felt sooo bad yesterday. She ran a fever all day. The highest was at bed time and it got up to 103.3 but, she hasn't run another fever since. YAY! And she is almost back to her old self. No school today but, we will be back on our normal schedule tomorrow. Wonderful Wednesdays!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I am a little upset (not at anyone reading this) and I need to vent. You know how when you take your child to church, daycare, preschool etc. and they have this long list of reasons you shouldn't bring your kids to church, daycare, or preschool? Do you know what I am talking about? Like... no runny noses if they are green, or if that are coughing, or fever in the last 24 hours.

So, Hailee (and Heidi) has had this stinkin' runny nose for almost 2 weeks and everyones kid had it so we were all thinking maybe it was from this crazy weather (cold and then hot and then cold again). Well come to find out, Hailee's preschool teacher has broncitious (Sp?). I love Ms. Myrtle to death but COME ON! DON'T COME TO SCHOOL IS YOU ARE SICK! Well this weekend Hailee has been getting this cough but, she hasn't been coughing a lot just really seems to get irritated after lying down for a while and then she gets up and needs to spit it out. Anywho... we left the Super Bowl party to night with Hailee saying she wasn't feeling well. We got home and she had a fever. Great huh?

I just don't understand. If we can't bring our kids when they are sick shouldn't the teachers stay home too. I just needed to get this of my chest. We will probably go to the doctor tomorrow and see if anything is going on that we need antibiotics for.