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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Questions about babies

Heidi woke up today after an hour and a half nap (she didn't have a first nap today). Which is fine and I went in there and got her. I could see right off she wasn't ina good mood. I put her on the floor and laid down next to her and played with her for a while. Then she started getting really fussy so, I went to change her diaper and she was crying (she isn't usually like this). So, I thought maybe she wasn't done with her nap. I turned the lights off and cradled her as sshe held her softy and her eyes started to shut. I laid her down and instant tears so, I picked her up and she was fighting not to suck her thumb and shut her eyes. So now she is laying down in her bed screaming. Why do babies....

1. Cry when they are so tired.
2. Cry when you are trying to help them go to sleep.
3. Cry when all they can do is cry.
4. Cry when they are left alone when no one is coming in.
5. Cry when their diaper is clean and they aren't hungry.
6. Cry after being silent for a few minutes.

These are just a few things that I wonder about sometimes. Even though I have had a baby already and think I know what to expect from the second one. Sometimes I just get stumped. It is so freakin' irritating when you need your time by yourself. It will be okay :o).

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