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Saturday, January 17, 2009

It has been so long...

Hey everyone! My name is Sterling... LOL! It has been so long since I have updated my blog. Gezzz... time has been just flying by. I guess the reason I haven't updated is because I have been so busy.

Since I have decided to lose all my unwanted weight I have been changing everything. We (as a family) have been eating so much better. We are pretty much eating everything organic and I am making a whole lot of everything. I decided since all the (sandwich) bread has all this gunk in it that we don't need I decided I would start making our bread. It is really easy I make 2 loaves a week and they last us and it is good. At first Hailee was not very happy about it but, she told me today "I like this bread.". I am also making our food healthier. 1. it is organic, 2. I am adding veggies (Deceptively Delicious - Get Your Kids Eating Good Food!) inside the food so Hailee doesn't know, and 3. eating more fruits and veggies that we hadn't been doing before.

Don't worry Heidi is not getting gipped. I am making all her baby food now too. I started about 3 weeks ago pureeing all her fruits and I am going to start pureeing everything (Super Baby Food). So she will be so much heathier from the get go. You my be asking yourself why? Because with me making all her food I know exactly what is in it and she is getting exactly what God wants her to get... all natural grown fruit ground up. She doesn't care anyways. All she cares about is getting food in her tummy :o).

I am continuing to workout to lose weight. My big goal is to lose 90 lbs. My goal I am shotting for right now is about 40 lbs. I am going to do it! I bought this thing that is called a Bodybugg (BODYBUGG :: HOW IT WORKS). It counts your calories that you burn throughout the day. I got it yesterday and it is already amazing me. There is also a program that came with it that I can calculate all the the food I consume and how much weight I will lose etc. It is a pretty nifty gadget.

Bob is doing well. He is busy with work and just going with the flow at home :o). We are doing a Bible Study with our small group called Love and Respect. It talks about the love women desperately want and the respect men desperately need. We just started but I will give you an update once we get down into it :o). I am doing a Bible studay at church with a bunch of women called Esther: It is tough being a women. We just started that too but I know this will be good because it is by Beth Moore and she always writes good stuff.

The girls are doing great and are growing so fast. Hailee was tested at school Thursday on stuff she has already learned through out the year and her teacher said she did great. We are so proud of her :o)! Heidi started rolling over (back to front) yesterday and not quit knowing how to get back to her back. LOL! It is hilarious! She will roll over in her bed and be all flustered because she can't get back. It is funny! They are bothing doing great.

Hope you all have a great weekend. Hopefully it won't take me to long next time to blog.

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