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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LOL... I guess I have been tagged...

This is what you have to do (I guess)...

1. Open the 4th folder in your computer (I went to 4th folder in my 2008 file of pics).
2. Choose the 4th picture in the folder and post it in your blog.
3. Describe the picture.
4. Tag 4 people.

This picture was taken 4-5-08 and my mom was down here for a visit. Hailee and my mom were looking at turtles in this turtle cage (LOL). I asked them to look up and smile for me and Hailee's eyes were shutting (that is why she looks drunk). The turtles never came out ot their hiding spot.

I tag (I have no clue who checks my blog)... Julie P., Hannah H., Julie G., and Jen L. I hope you know who you are when you read this. LOL!


Julie P. said...

you know I check it b/c you're on my google reader. thanks for the tag, however I already have a post up today so maybe another day. Merry Christmas!

Sterling said...

You know you can post more than once a day... LOL!