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Monday, December 15, 2008

I love Christmas and it's craziness!!!

Last night Hailee got sick from a virus she received from a friend from school. Around bedtime she started to get a low grade fever so, we gave her some Tylenol to get rid of anything trying to progress. We wanted her to get a good night sleep as we had a big day ahead of us. Hailee woke up around 12:00 a.m. not feeling well and saying her tummy hurt. We had her lay in bed with us and then she started crying. It was an up and down night until I hear Hailee throwing up in the bathroom. Bob was laying down with her in her bed and she throw up on her pillow, on the floor, and then she made it to the tub. Poor baby... she had throw up on her clothes and hair. When she was done I took her clothes off and we went into my bathroom wear she would take shower. As I was waiting for the hot water she said she wanted it hot. I am thinking... hot is not what you need with a 101 degree fever. I got it where it was comfortable and she got in and I gradually made it a little cooler (she didn't know). I cleaned her up as Bob was cleaning the sheets and floor. I got her out of the shower and she was shivering. Her fever broke and she felt so much better. She hopped in our bed and slept with me... while poor Bob was on the couch. He siad there was no room for him. Us girls are crazy sleepers. She woke up this morning and was all better (besides being tired from the night before).

Today, was a big day... she had gymnastics and a Christmas program for school. We ended up not going to gymnastics... which was sad because they just got done doing evaluations and we were going to find out if Hailee got to move up a class and/or what she needs to work on. That is okay though... we can find that out later. We did go to the Christmas program though. Hailee was a Bell Ringer... she sang a song and jingled a bell for ONE song. It was craziness. Her song was the very first one and we had to sit through the entire thing watching everyone else's children. It was cute though. Tonight is going to be good. Everyone is a sleep and should sleep all night. Tomorrow is another day :o).

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