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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Washing the Poo

Okay... I washed diapers today (even the poohy one) and everything came out just like new :o). I went and got covers that fit today and another pocket diaper :o). We went to the Nurtured Family store after I picked up Hailee from school. Heidi cried the whole time because she was so tired from an unrestful afternoon (all her fault). When we got home I feed her and she went down for a nap. When we got her up she had poohed (in a cloth diaper) and it was a little dried up on her booty. We changed her (I was helping Bob with his first cloth diapering experience) and then I fed her and then it was time for her bath. As I was undressing her I noticed she had a little red booty (maybe a little diaper rash). After her bath I put a disposable diaper on her with desitin (you can't put desitin on with cloth diapers... it can ruin them). Then when I got her up to feed her at 10:00 p.m. we put the bumGenius on. So, we will see how her booty looks later. I am sure you all wanted to know about this :o).

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