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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This morning after dropping Hailee off at school I went and voted. I was scared about how long the line was going to be but, I was going downtown in Old Katy... I kept thinking it couldn't be that crowded. I got there and there wasn't even a line. Then I heard that there were a lot of early voters. Praise the Lord! I didn't want to have to wait in a long line with Heidi. So, it all worked out. This was my first year to vote in the booth with the electronic machine (whatever that is called). My first year to vote was in 2000 and it was all written and 2004 I didn't vote because I wasn't registered to vote in Colorado (I tried to get registered but, it was a PAIN). This year I feel it is so very importnant to vote. This year wil be Bob's first year to vote... LOL! I know shame on him... LOL! If you haven't voted go out and do it. It is such an awesome feeling that we are living in such a free county where we can give our opinion and vote for our leader. I will be praying today at noon for our new President. No matter who it is going to be. He needs guidiance from the Lord more than ever.

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