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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nothing Really New

So, nothing really new has been going on over here. Hailee had her Thanksgiving Feast at school on Thursday. They ate chicken nuggets, macorroni and cheese, friendship salad, and juice. The friendship salad was made up of all different fruits that each kid was assigned to bring. Hailee was assigned to bring cherries. Yes, cherries. I was confused on what kind of cherries to put in a fruit salad so, I got those Marachino (who knows if that is spelled right) cherries. I guess they were the right kind of cherries because they were in the salad. Heidi is doing well. She is eating and sleeping great and of course growing like a weed. Well I guess that is it for now. Heidi is wanting up.

1 comment:

Julie P. said...

you made your blog public now? I love the layout and I LOVE the picture of Heidi at the top. PRECIOUS. Good luck with your cloth diapers. You and Misty are crazies! ;-)