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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Do you ever....

Do you ever get so irritated at the world that you just won't to CUSE them out and tear their heads off? It is like people are out there to make your life a little harder. This week has been just one thing after another. First, it was medical bills that shouldn't even been sent to us but, they still make you worry... so you call about them to make sure they know that you paid your deductible and everything should be covered 100%. Second, people not following through to what they said... a TXU guy came to our house to try to get us to change electric companies. Everything he said sounded great and if I wasn't happy I needed to cancel before the first bills due date. But, what they didn't do was send me a "fake" bill to compare to my Direct Energy bill to see if I would really be saving money (the TXU guy said that a "fake" bill would be sent). Guess what... I got a "real" bill the other day and it was MORE then what I paid last month with Direct Energy. So, I was in the process of switching and changing everything back (TXU already switch everything) and I had to go through the whole process with Direct Energy again and she told me to hold and I hung up. Just because it was going to be a HUGE pain! I decided I was just going to stay with TXU... even though they screwed me. Now I have a headache and don't want to continue what I was doing... CLEANING... which I really have to get done by Saturday. Does anyone feel me out there?

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