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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas Time?!!?

It is Chirstmas time!!! The day after Thanksgiving is the day we put up all our Christmas stuff. I love it! Hailee is at the age now that she knows what we are talking about and is so freakin' excited about it all. All day yesterday she was wanting to put up the tree and finally when we did she couldn't get enough. She wanted to put every ornament on the tree (and she practically did). She was so excited that when she did get an ornamnet for the tree she would rush over there and when she rushed she ran into stuff because whe wasn't paying attention (almost everytime this happened). When we got the tree done it was time to get outside and put lights up on the house. Bob got it done so quick. He is a pro at putting Christmas lights up! It was a good day!

Today, we are going to over to a friend's house and we are going to eat some more :o). We are going to take over some of our leftovers and there are other people coming and they are going to bring over some yummy stuff to eat too. Have a great weekend!

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