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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More on Today...

The Salvation Army really didn't need them so, they found out where a POD (where they give food out to peoplein need of it after the hurricane) was and they headed over there. When they got there, there was a huge line and they had to wave over a policeman and they told him they were there to volunteer and the cop let them in and escorted them. The food wasn't there yet and they waited about an hour or so and finally trucks came with the food, water, and ice. He said they worked so hard and it was none stop. Around 4:00 or so they ran out of food and there still was a long line of people waiting for food. The FEMA people said there was more trucks coming so, the guys waited around and nothing came. They ended up calling it a day and left. Who knows if those poor people got there food or if they were sent away having to try again tomorrow. A lot of people in Houston still don't have eletricity, running water, sewage, food, water, or ice. Thank God the weather has been beautiful and not hot. Please keep these people in your prayers :o).

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