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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More After Ike...

Bob went to work today (like they said) and there still was not enough power to run the shop. The boss had them do some work around the shop and then it was running low. The owner wants to pay them but, can't pay them for a free day. So, I guess he called around and found work for them to go do else where. Bob called me and told me they needed help over at the Salvation Army so, off they went in the company truck to head over there to do whatever they needed done. The owner was talking about sending them to PODS (where they are giving food and water out to those in need of it) but, I guess they were to far or maybe couldn't get a hold of anyone. I don't know. Phone reception still isn't great here but, mornings are usually better to get a hold of someone.

I am going to head to a grocery store soon to try to get milk and diapers. Hopefully all will go well there and I will be able to get what I need. Hailee, Heidi, and I are going to a church that is having movies and free lunch for anyone who has no power, needs something to do (because school is out), etc. We are going to go and get out of the house :o). Have a great day!

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